Papa’s Cupcakeria

Papa’s Cupcakeria HD for tablets is now available for both iPads and Android tablets. This game is now available on many tablet computers including the Amazon Kindle. In this game you are responsible for decorating and baking cupcakes at your own bakery, in this case the bakery you are running your own business is called “Papa’s Cakes”.

The main character in this game is named Max who dreams of owning his own bakery one day. One day, he gets an invitation from “Mr. X” who wishes to rent a bakery for an anniversary party. Max then goes to meet Mr. X who gives him all sorts of tasks to do like baking different toppings for the cake, assembling it, testing its looks, and finally presenting it to “Papa”. When it comes to choosing an actual recipe book for this game, there are several options, some of which include the option to make a recipe from scratch or to use one of many pre-made recipes that are offered in this game. There are also several different ways to play the game, some of which involve the use of cups and the like while others include playing with a mixer.

After the player earns enough money, they can purchase new items for their shop such as a flour mill and a grinder. There are also several different ways to take orders for the baked cupcakes, sometimes depending on what kind of order is requested. If the player runs out of batter, they can request a special kind of muffin, or request that they be baked with special ingredients. When the player eventually sells all the cakes and makes enough money to buy the shop, they earn the achievement “Breadcake King” and unlock the ability to purchase all the additional items in the game as well.