Papa’s Bakeria

Papa’s Bakeria is an addictive game with lots of fun aspects. The time-management game revolves around the life of the chef in a fictional town called Whiskmore, Missouri. You play as Papa, a veteran pizzaiolo who runs the popular pizzeria located in downtown Whiskmore, Missouri. The game revolves around two stories. In the first story, you run the restaurant alone while managing the employees and delivering the food to your customers.

The second story revolves around Timm, a young delivery boy from the town who becomes your errand boy. Throughout the game you learn about the life of a delivery boy working for Papa’s Bakeria, complete with cut lines, jokes, and back story about how he came to be at the establishment in the first place. This game is officially released on the Xbox Live Arcade as a downloadable game. If you have already played the game, you will notice that Timm’s design has changed quite a bit.

There were four episodes of episodes that are available for you to download. I managed to download the first episode, which is funny because it has a lot of similarities with the American dream job. In this dream job you get to deliver pizza and cake to people’s homes and get paid very well for it. Throughout the episodes there are several cut-scenes that give more background on Timm and his friends. Some of them even steal the show by stealing cookies and other foods from the dream restaurant, but you don’t have to worry too much about those as they are all unlocked after you unlock the fourth dream level.